Abhi has found a kidney - his wife's! transplant 2.18.2020

#supermanfoundakidney #shareyourspare



We have a match, folks! Abhi's wife Anna proved to be a match! A very happy household here! Surgery is scheduled for February 2020.

We are maintaining this site so others can learn more about living organ donation. 

Folks who are seeking kidney donors are welcome to copy from our site and customize it for your own usage! Feel free to "Contact Us" via the form page if you have any questions. Keep focused! You can do this! 




Thank you for considering the gift of organ donation! We are touched by your selfless act of love and friendship! 

There is information about first steps to be considered as a living donor on the "How to Help" page. Just click below! 


This page focuses on folks who are considering being a living donor to Abhi and have passed the initial phone screen/blood pressure readings through the University of Kansas Health System (KU). 

Now that Abhi is listed on the organ transplant list at KU (as of November 25, 2019), the next stage of living donor screening takes place. 


Due to patient confidentiality, KU cannot tell us who has been screened or who is being considered further. YOU CAN THOUGH!  

(And if you want to keep it to yourself right now, we respect that as well!)


Recognizing that many of our friends are not local to the Kansas City area, you may be asked to get some blood work done where you are before coming to KU for an in-person evaluation.  


The KU evaluation is a full day (8am-5pm, Central Time) at the Center for Transplantation. You'll have blood work, xrays of your kidneys and chest, learn more about the donation and transplant process, and be evaluated by members of the transplant center care team. You can come alone or be accompanied by a significant other. 

There is no cost to you or your insurance for this evaluation. It is covered by our insurance. 


We recognize coming the significant gift of your time to make this trip - not to mention, you're thinking about giving up a kidney! #priceless

We don't want this evaluation to be a financial concern to anyone! We will pay for the cost of your flight and a hotel stay near the KU campus. Additionally, we'll arrange transportation to/from the airport and KU, whether you prefer an Uber or one of us driving you. (We don't expect any potential donor to consider paying for these costs!)

You are also welcome to stay with us at our home!  You'll undoubtedly be treated to some of Anna's cooking, a few or more adult beverages (still allowed as a donor!), and we can even take in some BBQ that KC is famous for! Samir will give you a house tour and allow you to play with his fire engines, a privilege he doesn't extend to just anyone! #lucky

We want to make this evaluation as easy as possible on you. Evaluations are done on Thursdays at KU. You are welcome to come in Wednesday or earlier, and fly out Friday or stay through the weekend and then return home. Whatever works for you! Just please let us know so we can cover your expenses. We look forward to seeing you! 

(Legalese: Paying for these donor-related expenses is allowable by law and is not considered compensation for the kidney donation.)