Abhi has found a kidney - his wife's! transplant 2.18.2020

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We have a match, folks! Abhi's wife Anna proved to be a match! A very happy household here! Surgery is scheduled for February 2020.

We are maintaining this site so others can learn more about living organ donation. 

Folks who are seeking kidney donors are welcome to copy from our site and customize it for your own usage! Feel free to "Contact Us" via the form page if you have any questions. Keep focused! You can do this! 


Super Kidney Super Video

"All I want for Christmas -- OK, 2020 -- is a NEW KIDNEY..." KU Med's Medical News Network read our minds!  And as of January 16,2020, our wish came true! Abhi's wife Anna proved to be a match for Abhi! Surgery is scheduled in February!



Kansas City's ABC (KMBC Channel 9) did a story on Abhi's kidney donation need that aired Christmas Eve. One complete stranger - an angel in disguise - saw it and contacted us immediately. He is now being screened as a potential living organ donor for Abhi. TV news is a powerful medium indeed! 

"How are you doing... for real?"

For real, we are doing OK! We live life to the fullest. There is no time for pity - just time for action and support. We appreciate your friendship and love! Obviously, we recognize undergoing an organ transplant is no small deal. We are thankful there are so many medical professionals who take on organ donation as their life's work. In the long run, we hope this medical issue will be a small blip in Abhi's long, full, enthusiastic, no-holds-barred lifeline and that of our family's.