Abhi has found a kidney - his wife's! transplant 2.18.2020

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We have a match, folks! Abhi's wife Anna proved to be a match! A very happy household here! Surgery is scheduled for February 2020.

We are maintaining this site so others can learn more about living organ donation. 

Folks who are seeking kidney donors are welcome to copy from our site and customize it for your own usage! Feel free to "Contact Us" via the form page if you have any questions. Keep focused! You can do this! 


Perhaps you have always thought, “I’ve always wanted to give Abhi a piece of my... kidney…” Now is your chance! How can you help?

1. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

2. Consider kidney donation.

3. Share Abhi's "need a kidney" story with others. You never know who might have an interest!

4. Look at flight options to Kansas City for a big blow-out party, complete with Johnnie Walker Black, after the successful surgery to celebrate.

5. Register as an organ donor and make sure your loved ones know, so your intentions after death will be honored to help future Abhis. 


Kidney donation is pretty miraculous.

It happens one of two ways – from a deceased person or from a live donor. The wait list for a cadaver organ is typically a 5 year wait. He doesn’t have that much time.

With a willing live donor...

... the organ donation and transplant surgery can take place as soon as both the donor and Abhi are ready for it. And since you know Abhi, you know he’s ready now. 😊

We know this is a Big Ask.

We appreciate anyone and everyone who would even give organ donation a thought, whether you are family, friend, or someone who has stumbled onto this website. 

This "Big Ask" website provides additional guidance about living kidney donation. 

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Kidney donation


We are focusing on multiple kidney transplant lists since they are separated by region and availability of organ donations varies:


As a first step to organ donation, there's a phone screen. We are using KU as our information clearinghouse (even if you're closer to another location). 

After providing Abhi’s name, you’ll be asked a series of questions. If everything checks out, you’ll be sent a health background questionnaire and a blood pressure cuff. You’ll take your BP for 5 days and send back a report of your readings. 

When everything is returned to KU, the transplant team will review your information and see if an organ donation is possible, either to Abhi directly or an organ swap.

It really is that simple to get started. Donors should be between 18-65 years old and in good health (no diabetes or high blood pressure). Even if you are on medication, you may still be able to donate.  

Thank you for considering this ultimate gift! We appreciate it more than you know!



University of Kansas Health System - Living Donor Program

(Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm CT)

Want to be considered as a possible donor? 

Just call this number at KU and ask to be considered for as a live donor for a kidney donation. It’s a 10-minute phone call. They can also answer your questions about organ donation and transplantation.

It is a confidential process and we won’t be told about any inquiry unless you tell us.

Even if you turn out to be a match, you are in no way obligated to proceed with the surgery. You are the ultimate decision maker. 


Living kidney - Your have a pair. Why not share?
Kidney donation

Q: But I’m not brown… does that matter?

A: No. Kidneys – and organs in general - don't discriminate. Gender doesn’t matter either.

Q: But what about blood type?

A: It would be great if there is a blood type match. But not necessary. We may be able to do a “donor swap” – where your kidney goes into another person who needs a kidney, and that person’s wannabe donor can go into Abhi.  

Q: But what about the cost?

A: Abhi’s insurance will pay for all organ donation and transplant-related expenses, from evaluation to the surgery to follow-up care.

Q: But will the procedure hurt?

A: Well, not if the anesthesia works! :-) Ideally, it's laparoscopic with 3 small incisions by your belly button. You’ll be in the hospital for 2-3 days for the procedure and recovery. Pain meds are prescribed for the recovery.  

Q: But what about work?

A: Different employers treat this differently. You may have to take vacation/PTO. You may be eligible for short-term disability. After discharge from the procedure, you’ll be advised to take it easy for 2 weeks. A follow-up with the transplant doctor is required at 2 weeks. We will work with you regarding any lost income. 

Q: But will I have to pee more often if I only have 1 kidney?

A: Your remaining kidney will grow to recover capacity. Besides, it's your bladder that holds pee! Kidneys clean the blood. Again, time to review your human body system  facts!

Q: But will I lose weight?

A: Yes! The average kidney weighs about 1/3 of a pound. You're welcome!